The "Buddy” Poppy and National Home program works together to support veterans and veteran families. As you will notice I have separated the report forms. I hope that it will be easier to report what you do.


As the VFW’s official memorial flower, the Poppy represents the blood shed by American service members. It reiterates that we will not forget their sacrifices. The VFW conducted its first Poppy distribution before Memorial Day in 1922, becoming the first veterans organization to organize a nationwide distribution. The VFW "Buddy” Poppies are assembled by disabled, hospitalized, aging and needy American veterans who would be paid for their work. To order "Buddy” Poppies is done through the VFW National Headquarters. Order your Auxiliary some Poppies and plan to have a Poppy Drive. When having a Poppy Drive, anyone can help with this function. Ask a youth group to help your auxiliary out. There are so many ways to promote the "Buddy” Poppy at your post and Auxiliary functions, sporting events, and other community activities that your Auxiliary does. Promote the National Home help line at the same time. When your Auxiliary has a Poppy Drive, remind your volunteers they are NOT SELLING the Poppies, BUT DISTRIBUTING THEM FOR DONATIONS. Never refuse someone a Poppy because they are unable to donate money. Remember that we distribute "Buddy” Poppies to remind everyone of the sacrifices of our veterans. When you receive any monies from Poppies remember that it is to go into your relief fund. Your relief fund can be used to provide financial, social and emotional support to Veterans and their families and to support the VFW National Home for Children. Other ways to promote the "Buddy” Poppy and the National Home include:


  • Social Media
  • At Fundraising events
  • Become or Buy a National Home Life Membership for someone.
  • Collect donations for the VFW National Home for Children
  • Purchase from Amazon National Home Wish List and don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Smile to benefit the VFW National Home.
  • Have a get together for a youth group and have them make a poppy display to honor Veterans. Don’t forget to give them awards for their participation and give them pamphlets on the history of the "Buddy” Poppy.


The VFW National Home for Children was founded in 1925 and is for Military and veterans who need a fresh start. Families can live at the National Home rent free for up to four years. At the National Home there are 42 single family homes. There is a gym, library, computer and science labs, a day care center, playgrounds, fishing pond, hiking trails and they even have their own Fire Department and Chapel. There is also a Helpline that is available to military families not living on campus. If you know of someone who needs assistance, encourage them to call the helpline at 1-800-313-4200.


One way we as an auxiliary supports the National Home is through our Health and Happiness donations of at least 10 cents per member. You can also support the National Home by becoming a life member for a one-time membership fee of $50.